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How to Have a Successful CPAP Experience

How to Have a Successful CPAP Experience

Whether you’re starting CPAP treatment for the first time or you’ve just had a difficult time with therapy so far, there are ways to make the experience more successful. Some simple changes in your routine and additions to your CPAP supply can make a world of a difference. Keep reading to find out what changes you can make to your CPAP routine to ensure a more enjoyable and successful experience. 

1. Choose the Right Mask 

One of the most essential steps to having a successful CPAP experience is having a mask that works the best for you specifically. It’s not easy to know which mask is best by simply looking at images online, which is where our respiratory therapists can help. They will take factors into consideration such as your sleeping position, how your face is shaped, if you’re a mouth breather and other things. Reach out to get in contact with one of our respiratory therapists! 

2. Get Some Accessories 

There are countless CPAP accessories available that are made specifically to simplify the lives of CPAP users. For example, you can purchase a CPAP pillow which helps keep your mask in place and avoid red marks on your face when you wake up. Another helpful accessory is a CPAP case like the AirMini travel case. This case holds and protects your CPAP machine and makes travel experiences simpler. CPAP therapy is something you experience every day, so you might as well make it as convenient and comfortable as possible! Check out this blog to find out the must-have CPAP accessories we recommend. 

3. Keep it Clean 

There’s nothing more important in terms of avoiding infection than keeping your CPAP machine, mask and tubing clean. You can clean your CPAP supplies yourself, but the good news is that there are CPAP cleaning machines that can thoroughly clean it for you. Check out this blog for more information about a CPAP cleaner we offer. It’s recommended that you deep clean your mask at least once a week, but you can use a daily cleaner like a CPAP mask spray or CPAP mask wipes to keep it sanitized between deep cleanings. 

4. Stay Compliant 

It may be easier said than done, but it’s important that you stay compliant and consistent in your therapy. It can become even more difficult to stay consistent in the winter months when the air becomes colder and there’s a lack of moisture in the air. To learn more about how to stay CPAP compliant, check out this blog.  

5. Make it Portable 

If you’re an avid traveler and find yourself packing up your CPAP machine, looking for an outlet and dealing with bulky equipment while you’re away, the AirMini Travel CPAP Machine would be great for you. This is ideal for travelers since it’s the world’s smallest CPAP machine and connects to your phone for simple sleep data retrieval. This makes the CPAP therapy experience much easier since you don’t have to worry about hauling a large machine with you when you’re on the move. 

6. Set a Sleep Schedule 

If you’re struggling with CPAP compliance and are having a hard time getting used to wearing your mask at night, try evaluating your sleep schedule. Not only is going to bed and waking up at the same time each day beneficial for your overall health, but it helps your body fall asleep and stay asleep easier when it’s time for bed. Also make sure you’re sleeping long enough (at least 7 hours each night) so you’re experiencing a sufficient amount of CPAP therapy. 

Finding out you have sleep apnea and getting used to using a CPAP machine isn’t the most exciting process. The good news is that soon enough it’ll become your new normal and there are various ways to make your experience as positive and successful as possible. To learn more about how we can help you, feel free to contact us! CarePro Home Medical and Kelly’s Home Medical are here to answer your questions.