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How To Heal Faster From An Injury

How To Heal Faster From An Injury

Posted On: March 16, 2020 by CarePro Health Services in: Active, Exercise, Health, Recover, Tips

Nobody likes to take a timeout from the game due to a sports injury. The experts at CarePro have some tips to help you recover faster, so you can get back to playing your heart out.  R. I. C. E. The standard motto of healing is R.I.C.E. It’s easy to remember and really aids in recovery.  Rest - When you feel abnormal pain, the first thing you should do is to rest the injured area to avoid further damage.  Ice - Deep injuries like sprains or bruises can’t be treated topically. Ice helps with swelling. You will want to do it in increments. Ten to thirty minutes every two to three hours is ideal. Our cold pack is perfect for this. It aids in swelling but doesn’t require being wrapped in a towel.  Compression - Immediately and up to forty-eight hours following the injury, place pressure on the injured area to help with swelling.  Elevation - Elevation also helps with swelling. If it’s a lower body injury, you’ll want to
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