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Stay Active as You Age!

Stay Active as You Age!

Posted On: October 10, 2019 by CarePro Health Services in: Active, CarePro, Exercise, Health

  What’s the secret to feeling young as you age? It’s movement. Because October is Physical Therapy month, we will be highlighting some of our favorite exercises you can do as you age to stay healthy. Jump on board with us! Swimming Just because the temperatures outside are getting cooler, it doesn’t mean that swimming can’t be a year-round activity. Look for an indoor facility where you can keep moving without putting unnecessary pressure on the joints. Swimming is a great way to get a cardio workout and keep your heart in top shape. It will help you keep your stride out of the water with the endurance you are building.  Yoga Yoga can help give you strength, energy and flexibility. A major complaint of aging is back pain. Yoga can help in relieving pain through the slow stretching movements. If you have difficulty standing up, yoga can even be done in a chair. Strength Training You don’t need to be a heavy lifter to see results.
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