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Stair Lift Resources

Regain Your Freedom at Home with a Stair Lift

Whether age, injury or surgery have made navigating your home a challenge, CarePro Home Medical has safe and easy-to-use mobility options for everyone. Don’t let steep stairs or multiple floors stop you from living your life. Stairlifts provide a secure and simple way to traverse tricky staircases. Whether you are aging in place or have a long-term need for a mobility solution, stairlifts can aid in safety and independence while allowing you to enjoy your whole home.

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Stair Lift FAQs 

What Is a Stair Lift? 

A stairlift is an electrically powered chair that attaches to your stairs. It takes you up and down otherwise unnavigable stairs while you stay safely seated. These units may also have additional safety features such as seatbelts, wireless call and send controls, and powered swivel and folding options to fit your and your home’s unique needs.

How Do Stairlifts Provide Safety and Independence?

In short, there isn’t just one best way to prevent an accident in a bathroom. But, with the right precautions taken, the bathroom can become the most dangerous room to the safest. A few things we find most important to preventing accidents in the bathroom include:  

  • Removing rugs  
  • Installing grab bars  
  • Investing in a raised toilet seat  
  • Ensuring there is proper lighting  
  • Be sure there is plenty of space to move and no obstacles 
  • Get a bath mat or non-slip strips in the shower/bathtub

What Stairlift Do I Need for My Home?

  • Straight Stairlifts: Installed on stairs with no curves on the staircase
  • Curved Stairlifts: Typically, custom-made to fit your stairway and can accommodate 90- and 180-degree turns
  • Outdoor Stairlifts: Designed to handle the temperatures and elements of the outdoors
  • Used Stairlifts: Pre-owned or re-installed stairlifts that may cost less than buying new

What Should I Consider When Purchasing a Stairlift?

  • Your staircase size and turns
  • Determine whether you prefer a battery or an electric-powered unit
  • Consider the weight capacity of the unit
  • Decide if you need additional features or accessories

Does Medicare Cover a Stairlift?

The short answer is no. Because a stairlift is considered a home modification, it is generally not covered by Medicare insurance.

Getting Started with a Stairlift Is Easy with CarePro Health Services

If you’re ready to take the next step in total home mobility, we’re eager to help. Installing a stairlift requires the professional support and knowledge you get from our compassionate experts. To get started, reach out to one of our stairlift professionals to discuss your specific needs. Let our team take it from there and we will provide you with an estimate of the cost and time frame of your stairlift installation.

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