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Must-Have CPAP Accessories & Supplies

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A happy day is only as good as your sleep-filled night. It is estimated that 22 million people have sleep apnea. If you or a loved one are one of those people, you may want to take a look at the accessories and supplies that can make your nights even more enjoyable and CPAP-use easier!

Automatic Cleaner

Because CPAP machines are used every night for your respiratory system, it’s incredibly important to make sure that they are properly cleaned and maintained. This is a lot easier to do routinely when you have a cleaning accessory. They are great at killing germs more than it would by hand and can automatically clean your mask, reservoir and hose with no disassembly.  

Mask Aid

As you probably know, when first transitioning to CPAP therapy, getting used to the feeling of a mask while you sleep can be difficult. The RemZzzs™ can significantly help by providing comfort between you and the mask. This unique design has helped many adjust to CPAP therapy quickly and with less discomfort.


If you’ve ever had a cold, you know how difficult it is to breathe in a dry room. Now imagine having to wear a CPAP mask that is taking in dry air. It can make your throat hurt. This is where a humidifier comes to save the day. Ones like these have multiple features including a humidifier as well as an adjustable pressure function to ease your transition to counting sheep.

CPAP Pillows

Anyone can attest to the fact that having the right pillow can make a large difference to sleep quality. If you have OSA, you don’t need any additional barriers to your sleep. Consider a pillow designed for those with OSA. Its ergonomic design will aid in providing the right support needed for proper breathing.

Start getting the most out of your CPAP by using some of these helpful accessories and supplies! Check out our catalog to find the items you need today.