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Why Your Aging Loved One Needs a Lift Chair

Why Your Aging Loved One Needs a Lift Chair

When you relax in your manual recliner, have you ever thought about how much extra effort your older loved ones need to make? It’s very common to lose strength and mobility as we age, which makes it difficult to sit down and stand up from a deep chair like a recliner.  This is why your parents or grandparents may greatly benefit from owning a lift chair. Below are some of the top reasons why your aging loved one needs a lift chair in their home. 

1. Increased Safety 

One of the best things about lift chairs is their ability to slowly lower you to a sitting position and slowly raise you back up into a standing position. This can help prevent the risk of falling. Plus, you no longer need to worry about standing up too quickly and feeling light-headed as that’s a common issue in older individuals. Lift chairs can keep your loved one safe while they spend time relaxing comfortably.  

2. Allows for Greater Independence 

The more limited someone’s mobility gets, the more assistance they’ll need doing daily tasks. If your loved one wants to age in place rather than moving to a nursing home, maintaining their independence is crucial. Lift chairs allow for greater independence since the chair can be raised up to you, lowers you down and helps you stand back up without the need for any outside assistance. 

3. Simple Operation 

All it takes to operate a lift chair is the push of a button. If technology isn’t your strong suit and you’re worried about it being difficult to operate, we assure you that it’s simple for anyone to use. The attached remote allows you adjust the chair to suit you and your individual preferences. 

4. Reduced Pain and Swelling 

If your loved one is dealing with edema, or swelling from injury or inflammation, having a lift chair can help ease those symptoms. Elevation is the best way to reduce edema and lift chairs make elevating your legs easy and comfortable. 

5. Easy Transfers 

As a caregiver, transfers can be one of the most difficult tasks as the constant leaning over and lifting can be hard on your body. Not only do lift chairs make transferring easier on the caregiver, but it’s less stress on your loved one, reduces the chance of injury and makes the transfer process much easier.  

Lift Chairs You’ll Love 

No matter what your priorities are when looking for a chair, we have a Golden Lift Chair that will meet your loved one’s specific needs.  

  • For maximum comfort: The Comforter is the most comfortable chair Golden Technologies has ever built. If you’re looking for something to relax and nap in, this is the chair for you. 
  • For ultimate style: The Cloud offers a modern and chic design, blending in perfectly with the style of your home.  
  • For back pain relief: The Relaxer is designed with Golden’s patented Ultimate Recline Technology for correct spinal alignment, back pressure relief and improved circulation. 

Helping your loved one add a lift chair to their home is one of the best investments they can make in their old age. When it comes to finding the perfect lift chair, the options are endless. Shop our online catalog and find the right chair for your loved one and contact us if you have any questions!