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Top 10 Daily Living Aids to Have In Your Home

Top 10 Daily Living Aids to Have In Your Home

As we age, it is crucial to create a safe and comfortable living environment to ensure maximum independence and ease while completing daily activities. Daily living aids are vital in enhancing the quality of life for many individuals. Join us as we showcase the essential daily living aids that can enhance your independence and safety at home. Discover the top 10 aids you should consider incorporating into your daily life! 

1. Handheld Shower Head

  • A handheld shower head makes bathing easy, safe, and stress-free! This device provides a less strenuous shower experience compared to a normal shower head. You can easily reach those hard-to-reach places with a handheld shower head, and it is easy to install in your bathroom. 

2. EZ Stand-N-Go

  • The EZ Stand-N-Go is the perfect cost-effective alternative to a lift chair. It provides safety when sitting down and standing up from a couch, chair, or recliner. This daily living aid provides stability and safety, which is perfect for those who are recovering from surgery, have back pain, or have limited mobility.  

3. Raised Toilet Seat  

  • A raised toilet seat can make using the bathroom safer and more comfortable. Raised toilet seats provide many benefits including reduced impacts on joints, increased stability, and more independence. 

4. Bed Cane 

  • A bed cane makes getting in and out of bed easier than ever. If you need just a little extra support when getting in and out of bed, this is the perfect device for you. 

5. Reacher   

  • A reacher allows you to easily reach and pick up things safely and conveniently. By eliminating the need for you to bend down and reach too far, a reacher can improve your overall safety in your home.  

6. Shoehorn

  • A shoehorn is great for those who struggle with bending when putting on their shoes. This device allows you to easily guide your feet right into your shoe with no assistance required. 

7. Grab Bars

  • Safety within your bathroom is crucial when looking at daily living aids for your home. Grab bars are the perfect way to easily increase safety and stability in your bathroom! They are easy to install and can be used in a variety of places including your shower or near the toilet for added support. 

8. Bath Chair

  • A bath chair is another great device for increased convenience and safety in your bathroom. A bath chair allows you to comfortably shower while also reducing the risk of falls and injuries. 

9. Security Pole and Curve Bar 

  • This security pole and curve bar is versatile and can be used in any room of your house. You can add safety and stability to your bathroom, kitchen, or living room with this helpful device. 

10. Tray Table

  • A tray table can provide you with increased independence, comfort, and convenience. This space-saving device allows you to eat, work, and write in a comfortable and safe position, the possibilities are endless!  

These top 10 daily living aids can make your life easier and safer at home. After reading this blog, if you have found a daily living aid (or a few) that can help you, visit our website to start shopping, or give us a call if you need any assistance. Our team here at CarePro and Kelly’s Home Medical are excited to help you get the daily living aids you need to simplify your everyday life!