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How to Make Your Home Holiday-Ready for a Family Member with Limited Mobility

How to Make Your Home Holiday-Ready for a Family Member with Limited Mobility

The holiday season is a time for family gatherings, joy, and celebration. For family members with limited mobility, the holiday season can be challenging if the home isn't adequately prepared. In this blog, we'll explore practical tips and ideas to ensure your home is welcoming and accessible for everyone. 

Step 1: Assess Your Home  

Before you start making any changes, it's crucial to assess your home and your family member's specific needs. Take the time to identify areas of concern and discuss any preferences or requirements they may have.  

Step 2: Create an Accessible Entry Way  

A welcoming and accessible entryway is the first step in ensuring a stress-free holiday season for your family member with limited mobility. Here’s how you can create an accessible entryway:  

  • Step Free Entry: Remove any obstacles or tripping hazards, such as loose doormats or clutter, from the entryway. Ensure a clear, step-free path to the front door. 
  • Widen Doorways: Consider widening doorways to accommodate mobility aids like wheelchairs or walkers. This modification will make it easier for your family member to move freely throughout your home.  
  • Accessibility Ramps: For safe and accessible entry and exit, consider utilizing accessibility ramps. Ensure the ramps have the appropriate slope and nonslip surfaces for safety.  

Step 3: Create an Accessible and Safe Bathroom 

The bathroom is one of the most important areas to address for accessibility and safety. Here’s how you can create an accessible and safe bathroom for your family member:  

  • Install Grab Bars: Install sturdy grab bars near the toilet and in the shower to provide stability and support. These helpful devices can be installed anywhere around the home where additional stability is needed.  
  • Utilize a Shower Chair: Consider placing a shower chair in your bathtub or shower. A shower chair provides a secure seat for your family member, allowing them to bathe comfortably while reducing the risk of slips and falls. 
  • Add Non-Slip Mats: Place non-slip mats both inside and outside the bathtub or shower. These mats provide additional traction and reduce the chances of accidents when stepping in or out of the shower or bath.  
  • Add a Raised Toilet Seat: Installing a raised toilet seat can make sitting down and standing up easier. It reduces the effort required for your family member and provides increased independence and comfort. 

Step 4: Install Adequate Lighting  

Install brighter or additional lighting as needed to improve visibility, especially in hallways and areas your family member will frequently use. Well-lit spaces reduce the risk of falls and injuries.  

Step 5: Consider Your Flooring 

Flooring plays a significant role in ease of movement and safety. Eliminate area rugs or any loose carpets that may cause tripping. Smooth, slip-resistant flooring is ideal for mobility devices and reduces the risk of falls. 

Step 6:  Communicate With Your Family Member

Open and honest communication is key to understanding your family member's needs. Regularly check in with your family member to discuss their comfort and needs. Offer your assistance and adjust your plans as required to ensure a more enjoyable holiday experience for everyone. 

Step 7: Plan Accessible Holiday Activities  

In addition to making your home accessible, plan holiday activities that they can safely participate in. Here are a few accessible holiday activity ideas:  

  • Make a Holiday Craft  
  • Listen to Your Favorite Holiday Music    
  • Make Holiday Cookies and Treats   
  • Look at Holiday Light Displays   
  • Have a Holiday Game Night   
  • Organize a Gift Exchange   
  • Have a Holiday Movie Night 

By following these steps, you can create an inclusive, accessible, and safe environment in your home, allowing your family member with limited mobility to fully participate in the holiday festivities. At CarePro Home Medical and Kelly’s Home Medical, we provide the products you need to create a safe and accessible environment for your family member. Browse our online catalog to find all of the necessary products you need and contact us with any questions you have!