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Helpful Tips to Stay Safe All Winter Long

Helpful Tips to Stay Safe All Winter Long

With winter upon us, simple daily tasks such as walking to your car or going to get groceries can start to become more dangerous. However, there are a few things you can do to make winter a safer time of year. If you are interested in learning ways to stay safe all winter long, continue reading.  

Bundle Up 

Although bundling up seems like the most obvious tip, it is one of the most important ones, especially if you are going outside. When temperatures are below freezing, it is important to keep your core warm, so try wearing a few extra layers under your coat. If you are worried about looking bulky, there are sporting goods stores that make slim winter gear that can be worn under clothes. For those who like to wear leggings, try swapping them out for some long underwear or wearing leggings underneath jeans for added warmth. 

Indulge in Foods That Keep You Warm 

Eating healthily is important during the winter in order to fight off colds and the flu. However, it can keep you warm as well. Consuming a few extra healthy fats can help speed up your metabolism which in turn helps heat your body. Great foods to keep you warm include soups, stews, coffee and teas.  

Avoid Alcohol 

Although alcoholic beverages may make you feel warm in the moment, they can actually decrease your core temperature and therefore can be dangerous during the winter months. It is said that alcohol can reverse some of the natural reflexes that your body experiences such as shivering when cold. Finally, alcohol can make you sweat, even when it is cold outside, which makes your core cold as well.  

Prevent Frozen Pipes 

Preventing frozen pipes is important in staying safe this winter as it will make sure that they do not burst and cause major damage. In order to keep this from happening, keep garage doors closed if there are water supply lines in there, open kitchen and bathroom cabinet cupboards to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Also, keeping the thermostat set to the same temperature at night and during the day is also a good way to prevent your pipes from freezing.  

Utilize Mobility Aids While Walking Outside 

By investing in one of our mobility aids such as a walker, rollator or even a cane, it can help prevent you from falling outside. These aids can give you the added support that you need in order to stay on your feet as you are walking places, especially outside on the ice. By utilizing these, it will give you something to hold on to in order to better your balance during these winter months.  

Stay safe during the winter months by implementing these tips into your daily life. Even choosing a few of them can make you safer. If you are interested in seeing what aids we have to offer, you can visit our website or feel free to contact us.