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4 Things to Know About Compression Therapy

4 Things to Know About Compression Therapy

If you are new to the topic of compression therapy, there is a lot to know about it. Compression therapy comes with many benefits and treats and prevents a variety of conditions. We are going to share with you four things that you should know about compression therapy!  

1. What Is Compression Therapy? 

  • Compression therapy uses controlled pressure to increase blood flow. Compression socks, stockings, and bandages are used to apply pressure to the leg. Compression therapy improves blood flow to the heart, gives support to your veins and decreases swelling, which can overall improve your quality of life.  

2. What are the Benefits of Compression Therapy? 

  • Increased blood flow 

  • Reduced swelling 

  • Improves symptoms like nausea or dizziness 

  • Reduces the risk of blood clots 

  • Provides prevention and treatment of varicose veins 

3. Who Can Benefit from Compression Therapy? 

  • Compression therapy provides relief and benefits many individuals with different conditions. Some of those conditions include: 

    • Lymphedema  

    • Ulcers 

    • Blood Clots 

    • Varicose Veins 

    • Spider Veins 

    • Diabetes 

    • Arthritis 

4. What Options Do I Have for Compression Socks? 

  • There are many options when it comes to compression therapy. We carry compression stockings and they come in various colors and fabrics:  

    • Look for compression socks made from a blend of fabrics such as nylon, polyester or elastane. 

    • Choose from small, medium and large sizes. 

    • Pick from short, regular or long lengths. 

    • There are open toe or closed toe options. 

    • Choose from a variety of colors and patterns as well, so you can pick something that fits your environment and personality! 

Compression therapy can provide many benefits for a variety of different conditions. There are numerous options available so that you can find the perfect compression therapy products to fit your needs. If you are looking for compression therapy products, check out our website!