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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Compression Garment

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Compression Garment

Compression garments benefit a wide range of people. They can help improve blood and fluid flow in patients living with diabetes, lymphedema, and chronic venous disease. They can also relieve swelling in the legs and feet for pregnant women and people who spend their day working on their feet. Another bonus is they are great for keeping blood flowing and swelling down during travel. But how do you know you’re choosing the right compression garment for your unique needs? At CarePro Home Medical, we specialize in helping you find the right compression garment to give you the relief you need. We offer a variety of colors and designs in multiple fabrics to ensure you find the right fit for your needs and your style! 

Sizing Your Compression Garment 

It’s not difficult to determine what type of compression garment you need. Often, they are built for the arms and the legs to improve fluid flow. But for your compression garment to be as effective as possible, it needs to be properly fitted. CarePro’s staff is trained to fit you with the correctly sized compression garment. But, if you want to try sizing the garment for yourself, you can easily measure yourself at home. Here are the measurements you’ll need:  

  • Ankle bone circumference  
  • Calf circumference at the fullest part of the calf  
  • Calf length from floor to back of the knee  
  • Thigh circumference at the widest part of the thigh  
  • Leg length from floor to beginning of the gluteal fold  
  • Hip circumference at widest point 

Wearing Your Compression Garment 

After you’ve selected your compression garment, you need to make sure you wear it correctly and properly care for the garment. First, be sure to wear your compression garment all day to get the full benefits. Also, make sure you take the garment off before you go to sleep. To wear your compression garment properly, please follow these instructions: 

  • Don’t apply any lotion or moisturizer before putting on your compression garments.  

  • It’s best to put the garment on when the skin is dry 

  • Avoid bunching your garment as you put it on 

If you’re in need of a new compression garment, please contact CarePro to see how our team can help you choose the right garment and make sure that it is properly fitted.