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Top CPAP User Questions Answered

Top CPAP User Questions Answered

Beginning CPAP therapy may come with many questions, and we are here to answer them! CPAP therapy can provide many benefits, including improved sleep, alertness, heart health, mental health, and more. Using your CPAP machine correctly will allow you to receive all the benefits of your CPAP therapy. Continue reading to find out the top CPAP user questions and answers!  

1. How often should I replace my CPAP filter? 

CPAP filters are important because they help ensure that the air you are receiving is clean and free of allergens. It is important to replace your filters every 2 weeks, and if they begin to show discoloration, replace them sooner!  

2. Do I need to bring my CPAP machine with me when traveling? 

Yes, you should bring your CPAP machine with you even while traveling because it is important to use your CPAP machine every night. Sticking to a consistent schedule with your CPAP therapy will allow you to receive all the benefits. Traveling with your CPAP machine is possible and easy to do.  

3. What should I do if my CPAP mask is uncomfortable? 

For new CPAP users, it is very common for their CPAP mask to feel uncomfortable at first. It may just take time to get used to wearing your mask while you are sleeping, and some CPAP users find it helpful to practice wearing their mask throughout the day to help them get used to the feeling of wearing it. If the uncomfortable feeling persists, consider switching the type of CPAP mask to increase comfort and make your CPAP therapy a better experience overall. 

4. What should I do about nasal and throat dryness caused by my CPAP machine? 

Experiencing a dry nose, dry mouth, or sore throat is extremely common among CPAP users. A CPAP humidifier can help with this problem by adding moisture back into the air that you are breathing! Along with a CPAP humidifier, you can try using nasal sprays, a non-petroleum-based moisturizer for your nose, and heated tubing to help eliminate CPAP dryness.  

5. What should I do if my CPAP machine is too loud?  

Generally, most CPAP machines today aren’t very loud due to the innovation and technology that is used. If your CPAP machine has become louder, that might be an indication that something is wrong. Air leaks and clogged filters can cause your CPAP machine to make loud noises. Be sure to check your mask, tubing, and the machine for any air leaks as well as change your filters regularly to prevent your CPAP machine from being too loud!  

At CarePro Home Medical and Kelly's Home Medical, we want you to receive the best CPAP therapy to help you get better sleep. If you have any further CPAP questions that we didn’t answer in this blog, reach out to our team to get your questions answered. Find all the CPAP equipment, filters, accessories, and masks you need on our website!