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The Benefits of Compression

The Benefits of Compression

Compression is a simple, effective and revolutionary form of therapy to improve blood flow and decrease swelling. By simply putting on compression stockings every morning and going about your day normally, your symptoms can be reduced quickly and efficiently. Keep reading to learn about the many benefits: 

What is Compression? 

While there are different forms of compression, compression stockings are the most common for elderly individuals. These socks are designed to have a snug fit around your leg, gently squeezing the area for health purposes. 

How Do Compression Stockings Work? 

Due to the constant pressure on the individual's legs and feet who are wearing the stockings, blood flow is improved, swelling is reduced and pain is lessened. Your arteries are what carry oxygen-rich blood to the muscles in your legs and feet. Compression socks help your arteries relax which allows for your blood to flow more freely, keeping your legs from getting as tired and achy. 

What Does Compression Help With? 

Compression therapy can benefit a wide range of individuals with various issues. Some of the benefits include: 

  • Boosting circulation 
  • Reducing swelling 
  • Improving lymphatic drainage 
  • Preventing blood from pooling in leg veins 
  • Decreasing pain and achiness 
  • Reversing venous hypertension 
  • Preventing venous ulcers 

Sigvaris Compression Therapy 

Products by Sigvaris are intended for both men and women with temporary, minor venous problems. They help with problems relating to specific life situations, like pregnancy, work or long-distance traveling. With a variety of fabrics, lengths, styles and measurements, these compression therapy products are great for just about anyone. 

Compression therapy has evolved over time and is now a great and simple solution for individuals with inflammation or blood flow issues in the legs and feet. We carry the compression products to help you live a pain-free, active and mobile life. Contact us to learn more about how we can help!