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Spring Cleaning CPAP Checklist

Spring Cleaning CPAP Checklist

Spring cleaning isn’t only for your home, but for your CPAP too! There’s nothing more refreshing than giving your CPAP a good deep clean after a long winter of cold and sickness. While some pieces of equipment are cleaned or wiped down weekly or monthly, it’s good to give them a good deep cleaning every 6-12 months, making spring cleaning the perfect time to do so. Take a look at our checklist for each item you should be cleaning below so you don’t miss anything and can sleep safely and soundly.  

Before beginning to clean your CPAP, make sure you have unscented, quality soap to ensure you don’t use something too harsh on the equipment. Then, you can disassemble your CPAP, get your warm soapy water and a clean rag ready and get started!  


Even though you wipe your mask down weekly, you still want to make sure to give this a good, deep cleansing. To do this properly, you can fully submerge the mask in warm soapy water and clean all of the crevasses that may have been missed in your weekly cleaning. Don’t forget to rinse the equipment with clean water after submerging it. 


Your headgear and chinstraps can be cleaned and submerged, just as the mask can, but you want to be sure this does not dry in direct sunlight as that can harm the gear and reduce its lifespan.  

Humidifier Chamber  

Start cleaning the chamber by disassembling it per the manufacturer's instructions. You can clean this with warm, soapy water, but you also want to clean this with a 1-part vinegar, 3-parts water solution to help cut through grime, hard water deposits and some bacteria.  

CPAP Tubing/Hose 

Thoroughly clean the tubing/hose with warm, soapy water and be sure to hang to dry completely before reassembling. You may also clean this with the vinegar solution if needed.  


It’s important to make sure you are checking the filter each month, as you do with other parts. Filters should be replaced as recommended, often every 6 months, so be sure to keep track of when these parts need to be replaced to keep on a good schedule for maximum results. 

CPAP Machine  

Giving your CPAP machine a wipe down is always a good idea, but it is equally important to have it inspected each year to make sure everything is running correctly, and nothing needs to be replaced or repaired. An experienced CPAP cleaner or inspector can help with this.  

If you have any questions when cleaning your CPAP, always refer to the manual for instructions and if you’re ready for any replacement parts, need some sanitizing wipes for in-between cleans or need to schedule an appointment to get your machine looked at, give CarePro Home Medical or Kelly's Home Medical a call – we're happy to assist you and help you get the best sleep possible.