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A Guide to the Best Power Lift Chair for Seniors

A Guide to the Best Power Lift Chair for Seniors

Power lift chairs can aid in both safety and independence for individuals with limited mobility. Power lift chairs are known for being safe, effective, and stylish in one's home. There are many types and options available when selecting a power lift chair. Finding the best option for you can often be overwhelming and that’s completely normal. We have created a guide to the best power life chairs for seniors to help you with the purchasing and decision-making process!  

Different Types of Power Lift Chairs  


  • A two-position lift chair is the most basic level of lift chair and reclines to a 45-degree angle. This type of power lift chair is great for relaxing, watching TV, or reading.  


  • A three-position lift chair reclines almost to a flat position. It is powered by one motor and is a great option for seniors. This power lift chair is perfect for napping because of how far it can recline.  

Infinite Position

  • Infinite position lift chairs are the most versatile and are capable of reclining to a position that is parallel to the floor. This power lift chair option is powered by two motors.  

Factors to Consider 

1. The Type of Lift Chair  

  • Make sure that you are choosing a power lift chair that is designed towards your needs and is going to provide the most benefit for you in your home.  

2. Size of the Lift Chair 

  • Make sure that you are choosing a lift chair that is going to complement the space in your home. Some lift chairs are bigger or smaller than others and choosing one that will fit your space will be very beneficial!  

3. Weight Capacity  

  • To ensure that your lift chair lasts for many years, it is important to pay attention to the weight capacity of the lift chair.  

4. Additional Features  

  • Many lift chairs now come with additional features like heat, massage options, battery backup, etc. It is important to keep in mind that with each feature there are additional costs and to choose features that will benefit you the most!  

When it comes time to choose a lift chair, the options may seem overwhelming. We hope that this guide will help make the decision easier so you can find the right lift chair for you! Our online catalog has all our available lift chair options, and if you have any questions regarding lift chairs, contact our team today!