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8 Ways to Prevent Falls at Home

8 Ways to Prevent Falls at Home


As an individual ages, their risk for at-home injuries increases. Rather than waiting for a fall and then taking proper measures, prepare beforehand to prevent the falls from happening in the first place. Keep reading to find out how you can prevent you or your loved one from falling at home. 

1. Analyze Your Home 

The first step towards fall prevention is doing a walk-through and assessing your current home situation. Keep your eye out for anything that could lead to a fall, such as exposed wires, easily moved rugs, dim lighting and more. Make the paths from room to room clear, bright and easy to access. 

2. Wear the Right Shoes 

Wearing slip resistant shoes is a great way to avoid slipping as well as reduce joint pain. If you find yourself wearing slippery socks, floppy shoes or shoes with slick soles, now’s a great time to switch them out for something safer. 

3. Use Walking Aids 

Another extremely helpful product to have around the house as well as on the go is a walking aid. Depending on your specific needs, you can use a walkercanescooterwheelchair or more to help you get around as safely as possible. 

4. Keep the Lights Bright 

Dim lights can make it more difficult to see objects you could potentially trip over. Keep night lights around the house for middle-of-the-night bathroom runs, always turn the lights on before walking up or down the stairs and keep lamps around dimmer areas to brighten your path. 

5. Install Proper Safety Devices 

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house for seniors as slips and falls are more common. Install a grab bar to help with stepping out of the shower, use toilet rails for easier sitting and standing or use a bath seat to make shower time safer. 

6. Incorporate Daily Physical Activity 

Depending on what activities your doctor approves, there are countless ways you can stay active as you age. Go on daily walks, take a workout class or do water exercises. All these activities can help with balance and strength which will reduce the risk of falls. 

7. Check Your Vision 

It becomes more and more important as you age to get your vision checked annually and keep any glasses prescriptions current. Having good vision is important for seeing fall hazards and navigating the house safely. 

8. Have a Game Plan 

Whether you or your loved one lives at home or with others, a plan needs to be in place in case an emergency does happen. Make sure you or your loved one has a way to call for help if they fall, whether it’s a button they push or a phone in every room. If a fall does occur, make changes to your living space based on what caused the accident to avoid recurring falls. 

While falling is a possibility for individuals of every age, the older you get the more serious and costly the injury may be. Make sure you and your loved ones are prepared and take the proper preventative measures to keep those in the house safe. To check out more bathroom safety products or walking aids, visit our online catalog!