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5 New Year’s CPAP Resolutions to Implement

Start the New Year With Better Sleep

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Sleep is one of the most important factors of having a healthy and well-balanced life. Like most people in the new year, you may want to make some resolutions to improve your health for 2019. Here are some ideas for CPAP resolutions to start the year strong and alert!

          1. Bye Bye Blue Light

All electronic devices emit blue light or blue wavelengths that stimulate your brain. They increase your alertness, reaction time and even mood. As you might have guessed, this isn’t exactly the calming panacea for sleep. Make it a habit to put the phone down and turn the TV off at least an hour before bed to get your mind relaxed before hitting the hay. It might even be a good time to finally get to that book you’ve been wanting to read!

          2. New Year, New Machine

Make an investment in yourself by getting a new CPAP machine. Machines that are properly cared for will last around 50,000 hours, so if yours is getting up there or if you haven’t taken the best care of your machine, it may be time to check with your insurance on replacement options. Many of the newer ones have options like synchronization to a smart device!

          3. Exercise

This is a part of many individuals’ new year goals, but it is especially important for those with sleep apnea. The more you are able to get at least 25 minutes of exercise in a day, the better sleep you are going to get. It can even help you to reduce the feelings of stress in your life, thereby helping you to get some restful shuteye.

          4. Set Up a Cleaning Schedule

It is important not only for the longevity of your machine but also for your health to establish a cleaning schedule that you can stick to. If you don’t clean the machine you use every night, it can build up mold and bacteria that can make you ill. You can make it easy by purchasing a device to help you clean it, but at a minimum, you should use wipes on the masks and tubes daily.

          5. Revamp Your Oasis

Your bedroom should be just that: an oasis. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic like painting it blue, although it may help! We recommend rearranging your room so it is an optimal resting environment. Not a home office or a gym, simply a sleeping room. Be sure your room is dark and organized, so your body can sink into the restful environment.

Which resolution will you implement? Let us help by providing you with CPAP supplies.