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4 Tips to Gardening When You Have Arthritis

Get to Gardening With These Tips

Photo of red flowers.

Are you 55 years or older? Do you like to garden? You’re not alone! According to the National Gardening Association, your age group contains the largest number of hobby gardeners.

Unfortunately, this wonderful pastime can often be hampered by arthritis, a condition that largely affects your age group. Since May is Arthritis Awareness Month, CarePro Health Services would like to offer you these four tips on gardening when you have this condition:

  • Put on gloves.

Your arthritic joints are already going to be made uncomfortable by repetitive motion gardening often requires. That’s why it’s important that your hands are kept as comfortable as possible. They can protect the surface of your skin from the fertilizer, bacteria and fungus in the soil, as well as block harmful UV rays.

  • Don’t neglect gardening tools.

Having a good, sharp tool to help you dig into the dirt or get at those weeds can make all the difference when it comes to your arthritis pain. If the tool is dull, that can force you to put in more elbow grease, which can cause arthritis to flare up.

It can also be tempting to just bypass the hand shovel and start digging up the dirt by hand. We don’t recommend this, as again, it can cause a flare-up.

  • Rotate your tasks.

Because gardening does require you to perform the same motion over and over again, it’s helpful to switch up your tasks periodically to keep that repetition from setting off your arthritis. Try changing your tasks every 15 minutes to give your joints a break.

  • Wear an orthosis.

Whether you buy one over-the-counter or have it custom-made, an orthosis or brace for your wrists and hand can make all the difference for your joints. Many of these can be worn under gardening gloves and can improve your hand’s position, thus cutting down on flare-ups.

Just because you live with arthritis doesn’t mean that you have to retire your green thumb. Gardening is an excellent way for you to stay active in your Golden Years. If you need something to help aid with your mobility, don’t hesitate to give CarePro Home Medical a call!