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Sapphire Infusion Pump – System Overview

  • For more information about Sapphire, Medical Infusion Pump for Infusion Therapy, visit: In this video we will review the Sapphire infusion system, the Sapphire pump, power supply and administration sets. This video covers the basics, for full instructions on the Sapphire system refer to the Sapphire’s user manual on our website. The Sapphire platform provides users with robust, intuitive infusion systems, accompanied by a full range of accessories. Through its unique software operation, the Sapphire pump platform easily supports the growing needs of the at home infusion market. We provide end-to-end infusion solutions including manufacturing, system training hardware and software maintenance, system testing and fleet management.

  • By: Eitan Medical
  • Duration: 5:09
  • Views: 28,866

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