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Patient Education Programs

We offer a variety of patient education programs, which are detailed below. Feel free to contact us for more information, or to sign up for a program! 

Medication therapy treatment - Having difficulty with a prescription? A pharmacist will review your medications and look for possible drug interactions and duplications of drugs from the same family. Contact us for an appointment.

Asthma education - Asthma is a respiratory disease that affects nearly 21 million Americans. Whether you are new to asthma or want to find out more information, our pharmacists are willing to help. Our education program helps raise awareness about asthma and the various factors that can trigger an attack. We also work with family to help manage trigger that may be in place in their homes. Contact us for more information.

Diabetes education - Our diabetes education gives you the skills you need to cope and care for your diabetes. We provide information on how to plan meals, remain active and check your blood sugar levels. Contact us for more information.

Blood glucose meter training - For a person with diabetes, learning how to properly use equipment is a must. We can show you how to use your blood glucose meter and how to read the results accurately. Contact us for an appointment.

Smoking cessation programs - Our program works through a combination of coaching, behavioral therapy and motivational sessions to help you quit smoking for good. Eliminating smoking from your life can dramatically reduce your risk of coronary heart disease and forms of cardiovascular disease. Contact us for more information.