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What is a Bioflavonoid?

We often tout the benefits of citrus fruits for vitamin C, but what about the flavonoids that give them their bright colors?

Citrus flavonoids, also called citrus bioflavonoids, have been shown to be useful for varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Citrus flavonoids can also make platelets less sticky (reducing the risk for clots) and relax blood vessels (reducing blood pressure and improving blood flow). There is also some evidence to suggest they can help protect against coronary artery disease by decreasing cardiovascular inflammation and LDL oxidation, increasing HDL and stabilizing mast cells, which can help decrease inflammation.

At CarePro Advance Health, we carry a product called Bioflavonoid Complex that contains a blend of citrus flavonoids. Check with a CarePro pharmacist before use if you are taking prescription medications to be sure Bioflavonoid Complex does not interact with any of them.