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Using Fish Oil to Lower Triglycerides

Using fish oil to lower triglycerides… good or bad idea? A recent report in the Pharmacist’s Letter outlines which active ingredient in fish oil is helpful and which may not be. Most fish oil products contain EPA and DHA, both active components. EPA and DHA can lower triglycerides, but taking them together can increase LDLs (the “bad” cholesterol). Studies have shown that taking EPA alone doesn’t increase LDL like the combination of EPA/DHA does. For patients who already have elevated LDLs, keep in mind that fish oils with both EPA and DHA can increase them further. For those who do not have elevated LDL, fish oil may be a good option to help lower triglycerides. Studies have shown that fish oil can decrease triglycerides by about 45%. Choose a high EPA fish oil product like Advance Omega, ProOmega or Orthomega to help lower triglycerides and decrease cardiovascular risk.