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Too Much Vitamin A Can Affect Your Vitamin D Levels

High levels of vitamin A can counteract the benefits of vitamin D by keeping it from becoming active in the body. If you are taking a multivitamin with vitamin A or cod liver oil (which is full of vitamin A and D), you may be consuming enough vitamin A to negatively affect your vitamin D levels. Low vitamin D levels can cause bone loss, fractures, poor immune function and poor absorption of calcium.

An alternative, safer source of vitamin A is beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A as it is needed in the body. The body regulates how much vitamin A it makes from beta carotene and prevents vitamin A toxicity. By taking beta-carotene instead of vitamin A, you may also decrease the chance of preventing the activation of vitamin D. If vitamin A is found in your multivitamin, be sure to increase the amount of vitamin D you take in supplement form in order to still receive its benefits.