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Lowering Your Cholesterol? You Could Be Depleting CoQ10!

About one out of every four Americans aged 45 and older take a statin medication to help control their cholesterol. Examples of statin medications include simvastatin, pravastatin, atorvastatin and lovastatin. These medications work by blocking the production of cholesterol in our bodies. Unfortunately, when they block the production of cholesterol they also block the production of an important vitamin-like substance called Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 for short.

CoQ10 is necessary for basic cell function and producing the energy your cells need. It is also a useful antioxidant in the body, which means it helps protect our bodies from things like toxins and pollutants. Low CoQ10 levels can lead to health problems, specifically muscle pain and weakness.

When taking statin medications, you should be supplementing with CoQ10 to help prevent the side effects of muscle pain and weakness. There are different forms of CoQ10 available. The best option is Vesisorb technology products because of their enhanced solubility and absorption. The cheapest option is a dry powder form which is not as well absorbed. Although the cost appears lower for the dry powder capsules, you would have to take many more of them to equal the potency of one of the Vesisorb capsules (ask us if you'd like more information!). Taking multiple capsules daily significantly increases the price of the dry powder capsules, making less of a cost difference between the two. All CarePro pharmacies carry Advance Ubiquinol, which is this more available form.