Get Your Vitamin D the Natural Way - From the Sun!

Even though we can take a vitamin D supplement during the summer months, it is best to get vitamin D the way nature intended- from sunshine. But there’s a catch; if sunscreen is applied, little or no vitamin D is produced in the skin. This is because sunscreen blocks the UVB rays necessary to produce vitamin D, sometimes by as much as 98%.

To make sure you get adequate levels of vitamin D, expose fair skin to the sun for at least 15-20 minutes during the middle of the day (10AM- 2PM) without sunscreen. If you have darker skin, a longer time period is required. A good rule of thumb is to get 25 – 50% of the amount of sun exposure needed for your skin to turn pink and expose as much skin as possible.

Provide sun exposure for the amount of time necessary to ensure adequate amounts of vitamin D before applying the sunscreen. The one exception to this would be babies, since their skin burns relatively quickly. They should be given a supplement rather than relying on the sun for vitamin D.