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Garcinia cambogia for Weight Loss?

Trying to lose weight in 2014? We all know that diet and exercise are the key components of a successful weight loss regimen, but what about a few supplements to help us along?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Garcinia cambogia, also known as the Malabar tamarind or mangosteen, as a weight loss supplement. The active compound is hydroxycitric acid, which is contained in the rind of the fruit. According to a small 2-month study conducted in 2004 in India, it can help reduce appetite, reduce the amount of fat the body makes, and reduce weight without causing the nervousness, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, or insomnia that other weight loss supplements can cause. While the weight loss was not dramatically different between the patients taking placebo and those taking Garcinia, it may be helpful if you are looking for something to add to your diet and exercise regimen. It is generally safe for most patients to use; however, people with diabetes, on statins for high cholesterol, or who have Alzheimer’s disease, should consult their primary healthcare provider before using it.

CarePro Advance Health has a product called Super Citrimax Plus that contains Garcina cambogia extract, chromium and Gymnema sylvestre. Just remember, if you do decide to try Garcinia, it’s not a substitute for diet and exercise.