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CarePro Pharmacy is Your Connection to Better Health

Your friends at CarePro Pharmacy are here for one reason: to connect you with the care that will help you feel your best. You can trust the helpful experts at CarePro Pharmacy to give you and your family what you need, when you need it, and to do it in a way that works for you.


Vaccinations and immunizations to protect you against flu, pneumonia, whooping cough and shingles

CarePro Pharmacy knows that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s why we offer in-store immunizations against flu, pneumonia, whooping cough and shingles. Stop in to your neighborhood CarePro Pharmacy location to get your immunizations and stay healthy.

CarePro Pharmacy will help you find allergy relief

Tired of the sniffling, sneezing and itchy eyes that come with allergies? Put an end to allergies with help from your neighborhood CarePro Pharmacy team. Trust the knowledgeable staff to help you find the customized allergy solutions you need to keep your allergies under control and your day on track.

CarePro Pharmacy is your diabetes care connection

Living with diabetes means staying in control at all times. Let the accredited and experienced team at CarePro Pharmacy – Mount Vernon and CarePro Pharmacy – North Liberty help you take control of your diabetes for a healthier life. You can count on our helpful diabetes experts to connect you with the diabetes information, glucose monitors, quick prescriptions and diabetic footwear you need to ensure your health and comfort.

Stay heart healthy with CarePro Pharmacy

Are you or someone you love trying to be heart healthy?  Rely on the team at CarePro Pharmacy to provide you with helpful information on heart-healthy diets, lifestyle choices, medication and treatment plans. You and your heart can count on CarePro Pharmacy.

CarePro Pharmacy offers a gentle touch for nursing mothers

Ask any parent; having a little person is a big job and a big responsibility. Moms-to-be and new moms can trust the CarePro Pharmacy staff for help with pre-pregnancy health, prenatal vitamins, breast pumps and other nursing supplies for a happy and healthy mother and baby. See our CarePro Home Medical, CarePro Pharmacy - Pavilion or our CarePro Pharmacy - North Liberty locations for these and other nursing supplies.

Helping you stay organized with your prescriptions

Taking multiple medications and prescriptions can be confusing. The caring staff at CarePro Pharmacy can help you or a loved take the right amount of medication at the right time with our customized medication planners.

Medsync program

You have enough to think about and do every day- let the Medsync program from CarePro save you a step and save you a trip. If you take three or more medications per month, CarePro’s Medsync program can align all of your medications so that you only have to refill prescriptions once per month.


Do you take two or more prescriptions? Let the CarePro experts take the guesswork out of your medication with our handy Med-Packs. Prepackaged and easy to use, these Med-Packs are perfect for people who want to manage their medications safely and independently.

CarePro Pharmacy refill options

CarePro offers our customers several refill options. You can choose to call in prescriptions, use our convenient online option or come in and have your prescriptions filled while you wait.

Prescription reminders make CarePro Pharmacy unforgettable

Think of CarePro Pharmacy as that string tied on your finger reminding you about your medication refills. The helpful prescription refill reminder service from CarePro Pharmacy is just another way to help you stay well and live well without the worry.

Be health aware with health screenings from CarePro Pharmacy

How well do you to know “your numbers?” Talk to our helpful experts about screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugars and blood glucose numbers for you and your family. Let CarePro Pharmacy help you with a plan to keep those numbers and your health moving in the right direction. *Some tests require fasting (not eating or drinking) before the test for accurate results. Ask your pharmacist about details on fasting.

CarePro Pharmacy has the right vitamins and health supplements for you

A healthier lifestyle starts with supplements from CarePro Pharmacy. We invite you to stop in and chat with the health experts at CarePro Pharmacy about finding the vitamins and health supplements that can help you reach your health goals.

Compounding connects customers with the prescriptions they need

Commercial prescriptions don’t work for everyone. Let us tailor your prescription in a specific form and dosage, and make it free of the allergy-causing dyes and additives found in commercial medications. Ask what CarePro Compounding can do for you.

The CarePro family wants to be part of your family! Let us tell you about CarePro’s home medical equipment, home care or wellness services, which can help you and your loved ones get well and stay well!

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