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Sometimes you need a medication as individual as you are. Maybe you're allergic to dyes, need a unique dosage, have trouble swallowing pills or don't like the taste of regular medicine. Prescription compounding can take the medication you need and create it in a form and dosage that works for you and your family members - even the four-legged ones. CarePro Compounding has trained compounding pharmacists who can custom-create prescriptions in lotions, liquids, powders, lollipops and other forms and strengths that work for you and your loved ones. Our compounded medications are prepared in a state-of-the-art laboratory by experienced and credentialed experts.

Prescription compounding creates personalized solutions for dermatology and skin care, podiatry and foot health, Hospice patients, veterinary care for pets, hypoallergenic/ingredient-sensitive needs, and hormone replacement therapy. Read on to learn more about how these therapies can help you.


Dermatology/skin care

While off-the-shelf skin care products may work for most people and most situations, sometimes people need more specific and specialized options for their skin. That’s where CarePro Compounding comes in.

Podiatry/foot care

CarePro Compounding wants to help you to put your best foot forward. Talk to your Podiatrist about your foot health, and then let our compounding pharmacists tell you what we can do for you.

Hospice care

CarePro Compounding can create custom-compounded medications in many different forms for Hospice patients to relieve symptoms, lessen pain and bring comfort in the most difficult times.

Hypoallergenic sensitivities

Not everyone can take commercially-manufactured medications and prescriptions. Food allergies and sensitivities are causing problems for a growing number of people through the food they eat and the medicines they take. CarePro Compounding can help.

Hormone replacement therapies

We all change with age, and, unfortunately, those changes can cause hot flashes, night sweats and changes in our love life. CarePro Compounding can help you at any age with natural hormone replacement therapy. which is designed to reduce the symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Veterinary/pet care

Family comes in many forms, including fur and feathers. If you have a pet that needs medication for a short- or long-term illness, CarePro Compounding pharmacists can customize a prescription that will make treating your pet easier for you and for them.


CarePro Compounding is located within our Advance Health Store Location, which works with you to care for your whole health, offering preventative screenings and expertise on diet and exercise. 

We would love a chance to get to know you and talk about your health needs and goals. Contact CarePro Compounding Pharmacy to learn more about how our services can work for you.