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Our History

Caring for Community Families for Over 40 Years

Since 1971, we’ve had the same goal: To help you live your best life. To do that, we’ve grown and changed over the years to serve all of your needs in a way that’s beneficial for you. We’re excited about growing our family to help better serve yours. See how the CarePro you know today has developed over the years to help you and your family.


The 1970s

1971  Ray Buser, RPh, buys Claxton Pharmacy and founds C.R. Pharmacy Service, Inc.

1973  Fifth Avenue Pharmacy opens as a full-service community pharmacy and later develops compounding, medical supply (ostomy) and equipment, and nursing home pharmacy.

The 1980s

1980  Shutts Pharmacy is purchased and renamed Shepley Pharmacy. It operates as a full-service community pharmacy.

1984  C.R. IV Service, Inc. begins as Claxton's Home IV Service, providing alternate-site infusion therapy services, supplies and nursing.

1986  Claxton's Home IV Service joins the national network of Option Care offices, changing its name to Claxton's Option Care.

1989  Liberty Pharmacy in North Liberty opens as a full-service community pharmacy.

The 1990s

1990  Company purchases Paramount Pharmacies.

1991  Claxton Pharmacy conducts one of the first national studies on a new concept in pharmacy known as Pharmaceutical Care - providing patient-centered pharmacy services.

1992  Claxton's Option Care expands into Central Iowa, relocates to 402 10th Street SE and undergoes another name change, becoming Option Care of East & Central Iowa.

1992  Nursing home pharmacy business consolidates to form Pharmacy Care Associates and locates next to Claxton Pharmacy.

1997  Paramount Pharmacy East and Claxton Pharmacy merge to form CarePro Pharmacy - A Avenue

Fifth Avenue Medical separates from Fifth Avenue Pharmacy and relocates to its current location.

1998  CarePro Pharmacy Tipton is purchased and operates as a full-service community pharmacy.

Option Home Health opens, providing Medicare and Medicaid-certified home care services and private duty nursing services.

The name CarePro Health Services is adopted to build a stronger one-company identity. It still consists of two corporations: C.R. Pharmacy Service, Inc. and C.R. IV Service, Inc.

This same year, Liberty Pharmacy and Shepley Pharmacy collaborate to form, along with the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, the first accredited multi-site community care residency in the country.

1999  Pharmacy Care Associates, a pharmacy providing services to 1,700 nursing home beds in Eastern Iowa, is sold to Omnicare.

The 2000s

2000 – CarePro Advance Health opens, providing natural health consultative services, preventive screenings, vitamin and herbal supplements, natural skin care products, organic and specialty foods.

2003  Worksite Wellness is developed as one of the early programs in the country offering pharmacist directed corporate wellness.

2004  Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Ownership of CarePro Health Services is transitioned to its eligible employees.

2006  Fifth Avenue Medical and the five retail pharmacies become accredited to provide durable medical equipment. The pharmacies were among the very earliest pharmacies to be accredited in Iowa.

2007  Fifth Avenue Medical changes its name to CarePro Home Medical.

2008 – CarePro Home Infusion remodeled to provide a state-of-the-art facility for preparing specialized forms of medications including a new space for CarePro Compounding.

CarePro Home Medical opens a Coralville location.

The 2010s

2011 –  Liberty Pharmacy was remodeled and expanded.

2013 – Fifth Avenue Pharmacy relocated to the PCI Medical Pavilion and was renamed CarePro at the Pavilion. Added home medical equipment. 

2014 – CarePro acquired Kelly’s Medical Equipment and Supply. There were six locations: Clinton, Geneseo, Kewanee (closed 2014), Moline & Davenport-Kimberly Road & 54th Street (closed 2015). The businesses were renamed to Kelly’s Home Medical.

2015 – Advance Health vitamins & supplements and consultative services were merged into CarePro Pharmacy – Pavilion.

2016 – CarePro Home Care discontinued providing some nursing services based on insurance coverage.


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