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Evaluating Your Wellness Program

Helping You Take a Good Look at the Health and Happiness of your Workplace

Are you wondering if your workplace really promotes health and wellness? Your work environment might offer the amenities needed for healthy living, but does your company culture encourage healthy lifestyles? The Wellness Council of America has seven benchmarks of an effective worksite wellness program. Check out the benchmarks below and see if your workplace could use a wellness makeover from CarePro Worksite Wellness.


An Effective Worksite Wellness Program:


1. Captures CEO Support

A company culture of healthy living starts with support from upper management. What are your CEO’s views on the health of your workplace?

2. Creates Cohesive Wellness Teams

A truly healthy workplace will have a committee of employees who focus on promoting wellness at work. Do you have a committee in place to organize wellness challenges and educational events? One of CarePro’s many Worksite Wellness Services is developing and hosting wellness events at your workplace.

3. Collects Data to Drive Health Efforts

Before a strong wellness plan can be developed, CarePro knows that information needs to be collected and reviewed. Our Worksite Wellness Implementation process involves health screenings and surveys to help you get a better feel for the current health conditions of your business.

4. Crafts an Operating Plan

Does your company have wellness goals? Do upper management or a committee plan wellness activities and initiatives for the future? CarePro‘s Worksite Wellness Services can help you with these goals.

5. Chooses Appropriate Interventions

Your company has unique needs, so it’s important that your wellness programs focus on areas where your employees could use improvement. CarePro won’t give you a cookie-cutter wellness plan – we tailor it to your individual needs, like weight loss, education or smoking cessation.

6. Creates a Supportive Environment

Your employees need support in order to be successful. You can count on the team at CarePro Wellness to look at areas where your office might need a change, like vending machine options or workstation ergonomics, and help you figure out how to implement those changes.

7. Consistently Evaluates Outcomes

Once a program is in place, it’s important to make sure that it’s continuing to work for your employees. Our Worksite Wellness Implementation process ends with an Executive Summary one month after our initial health screenings. This gives you time to receive employee feedback and see some of the results of your wellness program so that it’s easier to plan future health goals.


Thinking your workplace needs a better wellness plan? Contact CarePro Worksite Wellness! We’d love to talk about your needs and explore what we can do to help.

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