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Senior Transitions

Helping Seniors Transition Safely & Confidently

Making the decision to move to a new residence can be difficult for seniors and their families. During this process, a lot of questions pop up:

  • Is this the right decision?
  • What happens to all of my possessions?
  • How do I sort out everything I need?
  • Where do I start?

When your loved one makes the decision to move, lending a helping hand, unwavering support and a positive attitude are vital in these difficult decisions and that is just what we are here for!

Our team simplifies the transition process by performing an evaluation of your current residence in order to better prepare you for the transition process. We can even help you set up and move into your new residence and make it feel like home. CarePro Senior Transitions deals with all the details so you don’t have to.

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We Take the Stress Out of the Transition

We strive to make the moving process easy and stress-free for you and your loved ones. Our Transition Services include:

  • Evaluating present residence in preparation for the move
  • Assisting in sorting and organizing
  • Managing the move and setting up the new residence
  • Distributing property and belongings to correct places
  • Reviewing the transition process with your family

Managing Your Possessions

When transitioning into your new space, you have to make tough decisions about what to do with your possessions. For items you are sure you don’t want to keep, here’s a few options:

  • Give belongings to friends and family
  • Sell belongings
  • Donate items to charity (some organizations can even pick them up!)
  • Any broken items should be discarded or recycled

CarePro’s Top Tips for Transitioning

Seniors should be allowed to move on their own terms whenever possible and when the decision has been made, get in touch with us and we will gladly help you get started. In the meantime, here’s a few top tips for safe and stress-free transition:

  • Notify U.S Postal Service, utility provider and other organizations of your new address
  • Sort and organize all personal belongings, such as clothing
  • Create a staging area to sort and store items
  • Develop a strategy for easily identifying what should happen to items you’re sorting
  • Eat or share what you have left in your fridge, freezer or pantry
  • Organize and evaluate important documents and decide what to keep and what to shred (such as financial, medical, investment and personal documents)
  • Sort through medications and dispose of expired ones by placing them in a zippered freezer bag with coffee grounds or kitty litter to throw away
  • Look through photo albums, slideshows and home movies. Keep the really special ones
  • If you have a lot of photos, consider having them scanned professionally so they can be stored digital on your personal computer or a backup device

If you have questions or would like to learn more about how our team can help you or your loved one transfer residences with ease, speak to one of our experts today!

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