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Worksite Wellness & Health Risk Management Services or a Happier, Healthier Workplace

The CarePro Worksite Wellness team of pharmacists, fitness professionals, nurses and respiratory therapists will work with your business to develop a quality wellness program that engages your employees and helps them to move toward better health and safety.

Learn what CarePro’s Worksite Wellness programs can do for your business.


Health Risk Management Services

•Health risk assessments and screenings
•Flu shot immunization clinics
•One-on-one coaching
•Smoking cessation programs
•Wellness challenges
•Lunch-n-Learn meetings
•Hypertension management

Health Risk Assessments and Screenings - These personal health risk assessments aid employers in better understanding the collective health risks of their employees. Employers are then able to incorporate interventions to address unhealthy behaviors and improve their employees' quality of life. Contact us.

Flu Shot Immunization Clinics - By offering on-site flu immunization clinics, employers can reduce the chance of employees catching the flu by 80 percent, thus cutting the risk of absenteeism due to flu. Contact us.

One-on-One Coaching - CarePro Health Risk Management offers personalized health coaching that enables individual employees to see improvements in their overall health. Our One-on-One Coaching encompasses two different services:
Health Coaching - CarePro clinicians will work one-on-one to improve the health of high-risk employees through motivation and goal setting. High risk employees are those who have been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and/or heart disease.
Wellness Coaching - Non-clinician CarePro wellness coaches will work one-on-one with employees to prevent future disease. Wellness coaches focus on motivation, exercise, nutrition, balance and stress management. Contact us.
Hypertension Management - CarePro Health Coaches have designed a three- to six-month program to target employees with hypertension. Our health coaches and clinicians understand that education is critical to motivate people working to lower this important health risk. Our hypertension management program provides education on hypertension-related issues and accountability for employees through the tracking of blood pressure readings. Contact us.

Smoking Cessation Programs - CarePro Health Risk Management uses trained pharmacists to conduct the American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking Program, which promotes smoking cessation and helps employees become tobacco-free. The counseling program is held at the employer’s site, using a small support group model. The first session is an orientation session to cover program details, while the following sessions consist of setting “quit dates” and providing supporting information as employees strive to become tobacco-free. Contact us.

Wellness Challenges - CarePro Health Risk Management provides a variety of challenge programs for employers which aid in increasing employee wellness. These CarePro-administered programs include a pedometer program to increase physical activity, a water challenge to encourage greater water intake and various fitness challenges, which are based on the time of year. Contact us.

Lunch-n-Learn - Lunch-n-Learn programs are interactive health education group sessions presented at the worksite or via teleconference. Contact us for more information. Example topics available in a Lunch-n-Learn format include:
•"Stress Management" - Everybody experiences stress. How do your employees handle it daily? Allow CarePro Health Risk Management to educate your employees on different types of stress, the identification of stressors and different stress coping strategies.
•"Portion Distortion" -  Help your employees understand the importance of portion control and the correct reading of food labels. This interactive presentation uses common items as visual aids and teaches employees to associate them with typical serving sizes. If you're looking for a group education topic that will catch your employees’ interest, the CarePro Portion Distortion presentation is the one to offer.
•"Know Your Numbers: Common Disease State and Goal Numbers" -  In order for employees to get healthy, they need to know what healthy means. The CarePro “Know Your Numbers” presentation covers goal numbers for testing purposes, common disease state information and basic behavior change modifications to help employees get on track to a healthy lifestyle.
•"Fiscal Fitness" -  A new focus area in wellness is on informing employees of the importance of having a healthy bottom-line at home. Employees who struggle with financial management can bring stress into the worksite, which can lead to loss of productivity and focus. This presentation is geared towards helping employees understand the stressors of bad financial management, realistic tips for improvement and a quiz to help employees identify their money motivators.


Implementing a CarePro Wellness Program

Our award-winning program uses a five-step process to implement a CarePro Wellness Program in your facility. We work with your employees every step of the way to create a culture of wellness that will benefit your employees and your business.

Step 1. Pre-Screening Gathering

We test your employees' current health and assess their potential health risks before we begin creating your business' wellness plan, so that we can know what will best fit your specific employees' needs. Before we begin testing, employees will sign up for a time, day and location that works best for their schedule, so that valuable time won't be wasted.

Step 2. Health Risk Assessment

We conduct a survey of current health conditions in the workplace, which helps us assemble a complete risk factor analysis. This will help our wellness coaches understand each employee's complete health picture. We offer both a paper and online version of this assessment.

Step 3. Health Screening Event

This is a 15 minute process for each employee. The complete test results include:
•Total cholesterol
•LDL cholesterol
•HDL cholesterol

We can also measure blood pressure, body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI).

Step 4. Consultation

We will set up private consultations to review each employee's results and address areas where they have questions or concerns. We identify potential risk factors and create a customized plan based on achievable goals that your employees can meet. We know that change is hard, so we like to take time to show employees areas in which they are doing well, too.

Step 5. Executive Summary Meeting

This is the last step of the process, where CarePro Health Risk Management reviews the key findings of the health screenings with the employer. The goal is to review the overall health of the company and discuss options for next year's wellness program.


Evaluating Your Wellness Program

Interested in developing a healthier work environment? There are seven benchmarks designed by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) to help create a successful worksite wellness program. Follow this checklist to see how healthy your worksite actually is.

1. Capturing CEO Support

How does your upper management feel about employee wellness? Getting CEO support is the first step in creating a healthy worksite. Contact us for assistance in launching your corporate wellness program.

2. Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams

Forming a wellness committee, whose focus is on the overall health of the company, is a great way to promote healthy living in the midst of deadlines and hectic schedules. This committee will work to promote wellness awareness in the workplace.

3. Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts

CarePro Health Risk Management's goal is to help you track your company's progress and boost morale with great results. See how we implement our wellness program to learn what to expect.

4. Crafting an Operating Plan

Your company's wellness committee can assist in planning wellness activities throughout the year which will help your company achieve its wellness program goals.

5. Choosing Appropriate Interventions

Your company's health risk assessment will show areas in which your company needs to improve, such as implementing a weight loss program or taking part in our educational programs.

6. Creating a Supportive Environment

A supportive environment is the key to success when it comes to lifestyle changes, and we can help your company take steps towards becoming a supportive, healthy worksite. We will conduct wellness audits of your worksite, where we look at things such as vending machine choices and workstation ergonomics, which could negatively impact your employees' healthy efforts.

7. Consistently Evaluating Outcomes

Once the program is in place, it's crucial to continue to assess your company's progress as you strive to become a healthy environment. Our Executive Summary meeting, conducted 30 days after our initial health screenings, will help to evaluate your employee's current health status and help you decide what needs to be done next.


Wellness For Brokers

Help your clients protect their most valuable resource - their employees.

When CarePro Health Risk Management began in 2003, the program was modeled after the groundbreaking "Asheville Project," started in Asheville, NC for municipal employees with high-risk health issues. Area pharmacists were responsible for implementing clinical care through a structured Disease State Management program, which involved monthly meetings with a pharmacist for 47 starting participants for the City of Asheville, NC. The Asheville Project saved the City of Asheville about $4.00 for every $1.00 they invested into the program.

CarePro Health Risk Management has created a clinical approach to employee wellness programs. Programs are targeted to help employees lead healthier lifestyles, while providing support to employer groups who seek to create a culture of wellness within the workplace by offering a wealth of program options.

Directed by CarePro clinical pharmacists and additional healthcare professionals, CarePro Health Risk Management will create a customized plan to meet the healthcare needs of clients' organizations through:

•Health risk assessments and screenings
•Flu shot immunization clinics
•One-on-one coaching
•Smoking cessation programs
•Wellness challenges
•Lunch-n-Learn meetings
•Hypertension management

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Wellness Tools

Wellness Council of Iowa - Healthy Iowa Worksite Toolkit