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CarePro Health Risk Management Services

Health Risk Assessments and Screenings - These personal health risk assessments aid employers in better understanding the collective health risks for their employees. As employers, you are then able to incorporate interventions to address unhealthy behaviors and improve your employees' quality of life. Contact us.

Flu Shot Immunization Clinics - By offering on-site flu immunizations clinics, you can reduce the chance of employees catching the flu by 80 percent and cut the risk of absenteeism due to flu. Contact us.

One-on-One Coaching - CarePro Health Risk Management offers personalized health coaching that enables specific employees to see improvements in their overall health. Our One-on-One Coaching encompasses two different services:

  • Health Coaching - CarePro clinicians will work one-on-one to improve the health of high risk employees through motivation and goal setting. High risk employees have been diagnosed with a chronic condition such as diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and/or heart disease.
  • Wellness Coaching - Non-clinician CarePro wellness coaches will work one-on-one with employees to prevent future disease. Wellness coaches focus on motivation, exercise, nutrition, unbalance and stress management. Contact us.
  • Hypertension Management - CarePro Health Coaches have designed a three- to six-month program to target employees with hypertension. Our health coaches and clinicians understand that education is critical to motivate people to lower this important health risk. Hypertension management provides education on hypertension-related issues and accountability for the employee tracking of blood pressure readings. Contact us.

Smoking Cessation Programs - CarePro Health Risk Management uses trained pharmacists to conduct the American Lung Association Freedom From Smoking´┐Ż Program to promote and help employees become tobacco-free. The counseling program is held at the employer site in a small support group session. The first session is an orientation session to cover the program details, with the following sessions consisting of setting a quit date and supporting information as the employee strives to be tobacco-free. Contact us.

Wellness Challenges - CarePro Health Risk Management provides a variety of challenge programs for employers that increase employee wellness. These CarePro-administered programs include a pedometer program to increase physical activity, a water challenge to encourage greater water intake and fitness challenges based around the time of year. Contact us.

Lunch-N-Learn - Lunch-N-Learn programs are interactive health education group sessions presented at the worksite or via teleconference. Contact us for more information. Example topics available in a Lunch-n-Learn format include:

  • "Stress Management" - Everybody has stress. How do your employees handle it daily? Allow CarePro Health Risk Management to help educate your employees on different types of stress, identifying stressors and demonstrate a couple of different stress coping strategies.
  • "Portion Distortion" - Help your employees understand the importance of portion control and the correct way to read a food label. This interactive presentation also uses common items as visuals and associates them to the serving sizes for common foods. If you're looking for a group education topic this is going to catch your employee's interest, the CarePro Portion Distortion presentation is the one to offer.
  • "Know Your Numbers: Common Disease State and Goal Numbers" - In order for employees to get healthy, they need to know what healthy means. The CarePro Know Your Numbers presentation covers goal numbers for testing purposes, common disease state information and basic behavior change modifications to help employees get on track to a healthy lifestyle.
  • "Fiscal Fitness" - A new focus area in wellness is informing employees on the importance of having a healthy bottom-line at home. Employees who struggle with financial management can bring stress into the worksite, which can lead to loss of productivity and focus. This presentation is geared towards helping employees understand the stressors of bad financial management, realistic tips to get started, and a quiz to help employees identify their money motivator.