CarePro Healthy Living

Evaluate Your Wellness Program

Interested in developing a healthier work environment? There are seven benchmarks designed by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) to help create a successful worksite wellness program. Follow this checklist to see how healthy your worksite is.

1. Capturing CEO Support

How does your upper management feel about employee wellness? Getting CEO support is the first step to creating a healthy worksite. Contact us for assistance in launching your corporate wellness program.

2. Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams

Forming a wellness committee, one whose focus is on the overall health of the company, is a great way to promote healthy living in the midst of deadlines and hectic schedules. This committee will work to promote wellness awareness in the workplace.

3. Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts

CarePro Health Risk Management's goal is to help you track your company's progress and boost morale with great results. See how we implement our wellness program to learn what to expect.

4. Crafting an Operating Plan

Your company's wellness committee can assist in outlining wellness activities throughout the year that will help your company achieve its wellness program' goals.

5. Choosing Appropriate Interventions

Your company's health risk assessment will show what in areas your company needs to improve, such as implementing a weight loss program or taking part in our educational programs.

6. Creating a Supportive Environment

A supportive environment is the key to success when it comes to lifestyle changes, and we can help your company take steps towards becoming a healthy worksite. We will conduct wellness audits of your worksite, where we look at things, such as vending machine choices, that could negatively impact your employees' healthy efforts.

7. Consistently Evaluating Outcomes

Once the program is in place, it's crucial to continue to assess your company's progress as you strive to become a healthy environment. Our Executive Summary meeting, conducted 30 days after our initial health screenings, will help to evaluate your employee's current health status and will help you decide what needs to be done next.