Health Products

Flu - Be prepared this flu season. Contact or visit any of our pharmacies for a flu vaccine before the flu virus hits or, if you start feeling sick, ask our pharmacists to recommend a product to make you feel better faster.

Allergies - Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or chronic allergies, your doctor and CarePro pharmacist can help you find relief from allergy symptoms. Stop in, call us or use the Contact Us form.

Diabetes - Twenty-three million Americans have diabetes. But with proper treatment and care, it doesn't have to be a devastating disease. Nutrition, carefully planned meals and checking your blood sugar regularly can keep diabetes under control. Our knowledgeable CarePro pharmacists can answer your questions about diabetes medications and help you with diabetes products. Some of our pharmacies even offer diabetic shoes. Contact us or stop by any of our pharmacy locations. If you are pre-diabetic or want to learn more about controlling your diabetes, contact our Health Clinic for education and diabetes management programs.

Heart disease - Heart disease doesn't have to control your life. We can guide you towards a healthier lifestyle. Exercise, a low-fat diet and stress management can change or reverse your risk of coronary heart disease. Get your doctor's advice and then consult your knowledgeable CarePro pharmacist for heart health products such as omega 3 fish oil or monitoring devices for blood pressure and diabetes. Visit one of our pharmacies or contact us with your questions.

Pregnancy & new moms - This is a big change in your life, and we're here to help. We can suggest a pre-natal vitamin, ovulation predictor and pregnancy test. We'll rejoice with you on the birth of your baby and help you choose breast pumps and nursing supplies, the best diaper rash cream and medicine when your little one is sick. Contact us for help in choosing the right products.