For Clients and Caregivers

Do you qualify for mobility assistive services?

Click "yes" or "no" to each of the questions below:

  1. Do you have a difficult time getting around your home?YesNo
  2. Do you get frustrated with the time it takes to physically get from one place to another?YesNo
  3. Do you feel unsteady or are you afraid of falling trying to get around your house?YesNo
  4. Have you had any falls within the last 12 months?YesNo
  5. Do you have health issues that limit your mobility within your home?YesNo
  6. Do you currently have mobility equipment (example: walker, manual wheelchair or scooter?) YesNo
  7. If you have a manual wheelchair, are you able to propel the chair sufficiently?YesNo
  8. Does it cause pain?YesNo

You responded "yes" to more than half of the questions. We encourage you to contact CarePro Home Medical for more information.

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