Whether you need shoe inserts for your flat feet or an ankle brace to prevent athletic injuries, CarePro Home Medical can help you put your best foot forward.

Orthotic devices correct abnormal or irregular walking patterns and are used to make walking or running more comfortable and efficient. They are typically recommended to help ease foot, ankle and knee pain, but can sometimes also help ease hip and pelvis pain as well as headaches.

If you need help supporting your foot, knee or ankle, we offer wedges and cushions for your shoes, ankle braces, ankle supports and knee braces to help treat and prevent injuries.

Our custom-fitted inserts cushion and support your arches and help realign your posture. Other products such as ankle/knee braces and splints help treat and prevent injuries.

What will my insurance cover?

We can do all the leg work ahead of time to figure out what your insurance will cover, before you head to the cash register.

Contact us for more information about orthotic devices and other home medical products.