Hospital Beds

Let CarePro Home Medical make your recovery as comfortable as possible. Our selection of hospital beds allows you to return to your own home following surgery or be more comfortable during an illness.

Manual hospital beds - The bed, head and foot sections are raised or lowered with the use of hand cranks. Our manual beds are most often used when a caregiver is readily available for the patient. We also offer assist rails and safety rails for added security and peace of mind.

Semi-electric hospital beds - The head and foot sections of a semi-electric bed are controlled electronically while the entire bed height is adjusted by using a hand crank. These beds are cost-effective and allow you some independence at home.

Electric hospital beds - Electric beds are entirely controlled by an electric panel. These beds make it easier for you to get in and out of bed and to sit up more conveniently.

What will my insurance cover?

We want you to be comfortable, both at home and with your finances. So let us contact your insurance company for you to figure out what they will cover.

Contact us for more information about hospital beds, mattresses and other home medical products.

If mobility continues to be a challenge for you at home, contact CarePro Home Care to see how our visiting nurses and housekeeping services can help you live more comfortably and independently.