Ambulatory aids

Need help getting around? Ambulatory aids help patients whose legs are unable to bear body weight or who suffer from leg pain. We keep you mobile with equipment that allows you to move more freely. We supply a variety of mobility aids to decrease your risk of injury and to help you stay on your feet.

Canes -Canes provide weight-bearing relief on the legs. Canes improve balance and security by adding a third point of contact with the ground and often take the brunt of an impending fall. Canes also allow you to maintain your independent movement.

Crutches - Crutches support more than 50 percent of your body weight during movement. Crutches are most commonly used for short-term needs and/or clients who do a lot of walking or stair climbing. We will specially fit your walker to make sure it is the best size for you.

Walkers -For significant help with weight-bearing needs, walkers offer more stable support. Walkers are recommended for older clients and/or those living in a single-level home. We have a wide selection of walkers that are lightweight and foldable for easy transportation. We also offer walkers with single-release and dual-release triggers for added stability for clients with limited hand dexterity.

What will my insurance cover?

We would be happy to call your insurance company and figure out what your policy covers for ambulatory aids. Contact us and let us do the work for you.

If mobility continues to be a challenge for you at home, contact CarePro Home Care to see how our visiting nurses and housekeeping services can help you live more comfortably and independently.

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