Home Health Nursing FAQs

Home Infusion FAQs

Home Health Nursing FAQs

What are the advantages to home health care?

Patients are more comfortable in their own home and, in some cases, can heal more quickly. The home setting is also more affordable than a hospital, assisted-care or long-term care facility. CarePro is has the time, knowledge and specialization to provide guidance and continued home care. Contact us.

Who's a good candidate for home care?

The most important qualification is that patient must want to receive care at home and either be able to help with that care or have a reliable support person. The home environment must also be clean and safe. The elderly are typically good candidates for home care. They like their independence, and there are help-at-home caregivers like CarePro's home companions to assist with dishes, laundry and transportation. Contact CarePro Home Care for a free home-care assessment. We can help you with a current situation or help you pre-plan for a future need.

How do I pay for my home care services?

We understand the complexities of insurance billings, Medicaid and Medicare. We will evaluate your home care needs and work with your insurance company to determine what costs are covered, get pre-approvals and to arrive at the best financial solution possible for your home health care. Contact us.

Infusion Therapy FAQs

Will the nurse come to my home to administer every dose of medication?

No. Most insurance companies will not reimburse for multiple nursing visits each day. Our goal is to help you be a partner in your healthcare and independent in your home infusions. For most IV therapies, there may be 1-3 teaching visits followed by weekly visits by a nurse to change the IV access dressing and draw blood for testing (if ordered). If there are physician orders for additional lab tests or other care, the nurse may visit more frequently. If you have questions or need us to stop by, our staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let's discuss your infusion therapy.

Can I return any unused medications and supplies?

No. Pharmacy law does not permit return of medications once they are in the patient's home. Any extra supplies can be kept for future use (dressing, tape, etc.) or can be donated to a local Hospice or medical charity. Billing is done by "per diem," which means that the patient is billed for days of service, not per item. Our staff makes every attempt to anticipate when therapy will be completed, so you are not left with excess supplies.

Who do I contact for questions about medications or deliveries?

You can contact us at 800-755-6997 at any time. We are always available to talk about your questions or concerns.

What do I do with equipment when I'm done?

Simply call our office to arrange for our trained staff to pick up your equipment. Locally, you can call 319-363-1284 or if you're out of the Cedar Rapids area, call 800-755-6997.