CarePro Compounding Values Your Safety!

In response to the 2012 meningitis outbreak in the media, we want to ensure you of our compounding pharmacy practice standards. We are a local, employee owned company serving a limited geographical region and filling individual prescriptions for patients based on orders from their physicians.

CarePro has been compounding for over 25 years, and we moved into our state of the art laboratory to comply with regulations in 2008. We have developed trusting relationships with patients and practitioners in our area who have come to expect the high quality of work we do in our compounding pharmacy. We test our products to ensure safety, sterility and potency, and we comply with all state and federal guidelines. CarePro Compounding focuses on providing the highest quality compounded medications. We have standard operating procedures in place. For some patients (either human or animal) compounded medications are the only treatment options for their specific need. We purchase our raw materials from FDA registered suppliers and verify the potency and purity of each chemical we receive. All pharmacies are regulated by their respective state board of pharmacy.

You can be sure you’re getting a quality compounded product at CarePro Compounding.

If you’d like more information about the East Coast meningitis outbreak, check out these links:

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